What we do

my codeworks is a small specialist consultancy working with companies to fulfill their more advanced needs in the area of web application planning, development and beyond.

We create scalable architectures based on the needs dictated by the business case. We code. We lecture and train. We like long term relationships, that might not mean that we are with you every day but every step of the way.

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Architecture and design

Since a sound technical arhitecture is what allows you to grow and adapt we usualy focus here first. A lot of problems can be solved and discovered while roadmapping a new technical design. A sound design will enable:

  • Lower technical debt
  • Faster feature development
  • Fewer bugs
  • Faster onboarding of new developers
  • Less code to maintain

We can help you plan a new app from scratch, a new generation of an existing app or just review a design you have produced in house. Give us a shout and we will set up a call to talk about your needs.

Training and lecturing

At my codeworks we take code quality very seriously. Clean code enables you to move fast and stay competitive and we love talking about that.

With several prepared courses and lectures on subjects like:

  • Code quality/clean code
  • Refactoring
  • Testing and test driven development
  • Agile metodologies

We would love an oportunety to come talk to your developers about what is important to us. We also have a presentation prepared for the technical managers, CTO or CIO where we show, using imperical studies over thousands of software projects, how much not having clean code costs you, in actual money.

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Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images

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Yeah, we do, occationally, write code as well. We can act as lead developers in an in house team and support it while a new deign is implemented or as part of a training period on clean code and refactoring.

Normally there are others that should write your code, preferably the in house team. They will maintain it and improve it day to day after we are gone so they should write it as well.

Actually we write quite a lot of code, you have to to stay up on all of the rest, but we don't normally do it for our clients. But if you really want us to it will be clean, minimal and tested, so there is that ...