Hi there. If you ended up here not knowing why; this is the form to sign up for updates on Jonas's book project.

What is the book about?

The book will be about how to improve as a developer, mostly in ideology but with tool support.

Basically it's about how not to become a 9-5er with a dead gaze that doesn't care if the project lives or dies. It's all about how to engage with our craft, why we care about code quality, why agile is probably a good idea based on our evolutionary origins and generally what tools and techniques work and why.

So if you like, care about what you will spend your working life doing ... it's probably a good book to read :)

Is this book for me?

It's always easier to feed someone that is hungry and teach someone who is eager :) So this book is for people who feel that drive, or at least think that they might like to feel it if they were given the choice.

So you can probably answer that question for yourself: Are you eager? Do you want to be eager? Are you set in your ways or ready for change? Can you change?

I'm writing the book as an add-on to a higher education in some computer oriented field, mostly since that is what I did so I know the terrain :) But it should work well for anyone who has got the basics down, want to make a life of it and wonders "What now?".

What do I get if I enter my email and press "submit"?

  • Semi regular emails on the progress of my book, might also include questions to help me direct my work.
  • Draft chapters as PDFs as they are finished. Two rounds of drafts are planned before the final version.
  • Any pre release offers will be on this list first!
  • A way to influence the book! I like feedback.

What more could you want? :)

What do I have to do?

Enter your email and press "submit".