1. In linguistics, a unit of language longer than a single sentence.
  2. More broadly, the use of spoken or written language in a social context.

This is the technical blog for my codeworks, a small consultancy in Sweden. We help companies with architecture, training, test driven development and agile processes. On occasion we get to code a bit as well :)

We do project rescue when something has gone wrong or gotten stuck. But generally we prefer it if we get a call before the large demo saw is needed to cut into whatever wreak the project has turned into. We excel at starting projects on the right track and keeping them there (probably since we have been on so many disaster commissions).

We are foremen in the software industry and this is where we write about the values we hold and why they are important.

No better than the rest of us ...

So far so bad

This year has not been great when it comes to my single side project promise :/

I do really want to get going but right now I can't find the time how ever I look. I even stopped playing World of Warcraft, the last outpost of my free time, to be able to fit the rest of my life in.

What I have done

Not everything is a loss though. I have decided a fair few things for the project going forward. I'll release each chapter draft as a standalone ebook for example.

This means that you will all be able to read the chapters as the drafts are finished and the second drafts based on the feedback you give on the first drafts.

Hopefully this will help me create a book that is better tailored to its intended audience than I could on my own.

Chapter plan

I also decided to throw out the current chapter plan and create a new one from scratch. The first plan was just a bunch of points I jotted down and tried to organise into a reasonable structure.

Don't get me wrong, it is still all stuff I plan to cover, I will just try to fit the chapter plan more closely to the intended readers likely progression than to my, post-hoc, view of how it all fits together.

If you'd like to know more about the book and sign up to the email list there is a separate page for that here: Join the book update email list!

One side project per year

I will finish my book

I just read the "One side project per year" blog post by Samantha Zhang and decided that I too have that problem.

So, not that I'm big on new year's declarations or anything (which is why I'm doing this in early December instead :)), I decided that out of all of the half finished projects I have laying around I would like to finish my book first.

What book?

I started writing a book about a year ago, or a little more, for everyone who has had the kind of developer education that is offered by most higher education institutions. That is long on theory and fundamentals and short on actionable advice for anyone who takes their job seriously.

So it's a beginner's manual to craftsmanship basically. In the first part I handle some of the reasons for why code quality is important and why we should care about delivering value etc. This is already a completed first draft with some feedback and I have even started fleshing it out in a second draft.

The second part is going to be more about concrete techniques and tools, like TDD, BDD, refactoring etc, all reconnecting to the ideological foundation from the first part.

I have set up a mailing list for the book if you want to get updates on the book itself. Here you can find a form for signing up.

Also feel free to subscribing to the blog via RSS if you want to keep an eye on the "One side project per year" side of things :)

Duty calls - CSS3 is NOT proven to be turing complete!

Duty calls - CSS3 is NOT proven to be turing complete!

I keep running in to posts, comments, articles and even videos about CSS being Turing complete and they all cite each other or the same original source, Eli Fox-Epsteins HTML/CSS Rule 110 automaton.

The thing is that none of them seem to have talked to Eli or read the rules of turing completeness. Well I have, and all thous posts are wrong. Read on and I'll show you why :)

Craftsmanship - Roundup

Craftsmanship - Roundup

Need some perspective on the craftsmanship series? Try this! It gives you links to all the articles as well as a short description of each and some links to further material by the author.