Duty calls


  1. In linguistics, a unit of language longer than a single sentence.
  2. More broadly, the use of spoken or written language in a social context.

This is the technical blog for my codeworks, a small consultancy in Sweden. We help companies with architecture, training, test driven development and agile processes. On occasion we get to code a bit as well :)

We do project rescue when something has gone wrong or gotten stuck. But generally we prefer it if we get a call before the large demo saw is needed to cut into whatever wreak the project has turned into. We excel at starting projects on the right track and keeping them there (probably since we have been on so many disaster commissions).

We are foremen in the software industry and this is where we write about the values we hold and why they are important.

Duty calls - CSS3 is NOT proven to be turing complete!

Duty calls - CSS3 is NOT proven to be turing complete!

I keep running in to posts, comments, articles and even videos about CSS being Turing complete and they all cite each other or the same original source, Eli Fox-Epsteins HTML/CSS Rule 110 automaton.

The thing is that none of them seem to have talked to Eli or read the rules of turing completeness. Well I have, and all thous posts are wrong. Read on and I'll show you why :)