Craftsmanship - Roundup


This series of posts was first published at the Fortnox developer blog during 2014. The articles where collected, refinished and put on display here after Jonas moved on form Fortnox in 2015.

The series consists of five blog posts:

Software craftsmanship - Part 1

Covers the main points of Agile, the original version.

Software craftsmanship - Part 2

Cover some more parts of the Agile manifesto as well as talking about TDD and testing in general.

Software craftsmanship - Part 3

Rundown of software craftsmanship.

Software craftsmanship - Part 4

Spending some time on the SOLID principles.

Software craftsmanship - Part 5

Refactoring, with actual code and stuff ...

Jonas also held two lectures at the Kalmar campus of the Linneus university. The lectures where held in the spring of 2014 and 2015 and broadly cover the topics of software quality, design principles and testing. They are available on youtube, but only in Swedish unfortunately:

Lecture from 2014

Agile, Craftsmanship och Testdriven utveckling

Lecture from 2015

Part 1 - Code quality and why we care

Part 2 - Design principles and testing

Until next time, take it easy and refactor mercilessly :)

Image courtesy of ILRI/Stevie Mann at Flickr under a Creative Commons - Attribution, Non commersial, Share alike license.